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10 Reasons Why Trivia is Good for You

If you’ve used Facebook for more than a day, you’ve probably taken at least one celebrity or decade quiz to pass the time. There’s something fun and exciting about getting the answers right and being able to share the score with your friends when you’re done.

Believe it or not, answering trivia questions and learning new facts are good for your mental health. It’s exercise for the brain, and it encourages the release of dopamine – a neurotransmitter in the brain that’s responsible for pleasure, focus, and many other important behavioral and physical aspects in the brain and body. Below, we’ll go into further detail about the many reasons trivia is good for you.

1. Trivia Improves Mental Health

Your brain is a muscle, and like any muscle, it needs exercise to function well and stay strong. Acquiring general knowledge and being able to recall that information later is great exercise for the brain, especially as we age.

Cognition, a mental process that enables us to process and understand new information, includes long and short-term memory. Long-term memories aren’t recalled as often but being able to reach them when answering trivia questions challenges the brain and keeps your cognitive abilities sharp.

2. Knowing Random Facts Makes You an Interesting Person

While some people are intimidated or turned off by someone who “knows it all,” most people respect and like talking to someone who knows a little bit about a lot of things. When you know a few things, you fit into a conversation better, and most people will appreciate the knowledge you bring to the table. Just don’t go overboard with the facts to avoid being labeled a “smarty pants.”

3. Answering Trivia Questions Makes You Feel Good

Getting the answer to a trivia question right feels good. This is because it releases the neurotransmitter dopamine, which is responsible for pleasure. There’s a rush of excitement when answering questions, especially in a team setting, so it’s no surprise that the activity is addicting for many people.

4. It Unlocks and Expands the Mind

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Acquiring and recalling random, seemingly useless pieces of information can unlock and expand the brain’s potential. This is why some companies host trivia games for their employees. Not only are they fun but they also enhance mental performance and creativity. Evidence also exists that shows participating in trivia games enhance decision-making capabilities.

5. Trivia is Fun

Without a doubt, acquiring new information and sharing it with others is fun. There are many opportunities to socialize and interact with others where trivia is the main focus. Game night, taking quizzes online, and taking part in a trivia competition are all opportunities for meeting new people, interacting with others, making new friends, and strengthening relationships with old friends. Whether winning or losing, spending time together answering random trivia questions is a fun way to pass the time.

6. It Reduces Stress

Most people lead stressful lives. From demanding jobs to busy households, stress is a constant part of daily life, and we all know that stress isn’t good for the body or mind.

The good news is that playing trivia reduces stress. When’s the last time you played a trivia game and didn’t laugh? The relaxed and fun nature of a trivia game night with family and friends is a great way to reduce stress and forget about the daily grind.

7. Trivia Helps You Think Under Pressure

Some people just don’t function well under pressure. Others excel in such situations. Whichever group you fall into, trivia can train you to think better under pressure.

Often, trivia games have time limitations, putting added pressure on the participants to give the right answer quickly. Being able to recall the information and give the correct answer within a limited amount of time helps train your brain to think better under pressure. You’ll be less nervous or anxious and be better able to function and remember in stressful situations.

8. It Promotes Focus

Unfortunately, today’s fast-paced world is very distracting and the ability to focus for many people is dwindling. Answering trivia questions encourages you to focus on one task at a time, increasing your attention span. Technology forces us to seek constant stimulation but being able to forget about the chaos for even a few seconds to answer a trivia question is a benefit many of us need to relax and keep our minds sharp.

9. It Encourages a Team Spirit

Taking part in a trivia competition helps foster a team mentality where each person has a responsibility to further the group effort and make the other team members proud. Being part of a trivia team encourages accountability and collaboration and teaches people to win and lose graciously. Ultimately, participating in these competitions strengthens the team spirit, which can carry over into other areas of life.

10. It Teaches New Knowledge

Our brains can learn and retain an endless amount of information. While it’s impossible to learn everything in the world, playing trivia games and taking trivia quizzes present opportunities to gain more knowledge. Whether you get the answers right or wrong, you can’t help but learn and retain something new each time you take part in some sort of trivia challenge.


As you can see, the benefits of trivia are numerous. It not only gives you nuggets of information you’ll probably never need, but it also gives you some great mental health benefits, too.

From improved cognition and enhanced memory to being able to perform better under pressure, playing trivia is a great workout for the brain. Plus, it reduces stress, too!

Lastly, we can’t forget to mention the best part. Trivia is a lot of fun!

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